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window shutters for opening

Internal and external coplanar shutters can be obtained from the profiles. Crossbars are available in two sizes, 80 mm and 130 mm. To cope with local requirements, unique versions were implemented, just like the basic system. You can make a Centro Storico shutter with fixed, broken blinds, dimensions 90 mm, ideal for restructured buildings where it is important to maintain originality. The shutter made with a 59 mm deep perimeter frame creates a noble and unchanging line. Crossbars are available in two sizes, 80 mm and 130 mm.

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sliding window shutters

We can install sliding shutters, single or double leaf with both fixed and movable blinds. Movement is ensured by a sliding carriage in the guide on which the wings are hung. The guides for the trolleys can be attached to the beam, or they can hang outside the wall. The lower part of the leaf is led through a pin attached to the floor, the base of which moves on the bottom of the frame. Or through a straight guide on the floor, with leveling accessories. Crossbars with fixed blinds are available in two different sizes, 80 mm and 130 mm.

Zdjęcie okiennice otwierane

folding window shutters

This system allows the implementation of folding shutters. Suspended on special trolleys, along the upper sash guide and glides in the lower guide. Joining the wings with hinges ensures easy sliding and saves space when folded. It is also possible to place a lowered threshold giving greater comfort. The system uses special accessories that ensure product reliability and easy installation. Wind and water permeability is guaranteed by the outer seal and the double EPDM central seal.

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